Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tool Ten

1. I want my students to understand the ollowing three things about being good digital citizens: a.  Students
    should follow the "Golden Rule" of treating other on line the same way that they would like to be
    treated-with respect.  b. They should never publish pictures or personal information about friends or
    family without asking for permission, and c. Students should never post personal information such as
    full name, address, phone numbers, etc. because this can be dangerous.

2. A web site titled CommonSense.Org has very good material for teaching about digital etiquette and
    citizenship.  BrainPop also has a good introduction to the proper way of working in the digital world.

3  I was very impressed with a lesson presented by one of the fourth grade teachers at Cedar
    Brook.  She presented a lesson digital citizenship from CommonSense.Org about the three
    rings of responsibility.  An important part of this lesson is the three rings of responsiblity- responsibility
    to self, family and friends, and the community.  I will use this three rings of responsibility to teach
    and remind students of the importance of responsibility to self such as not giving out passwords or
    posting very personal information on the internet, never publishing pictures or personal inormation
    about family or friends without their permission, and being responsible to the community by behaving
    with courtesy and respect.

4.  The parents of Cedar Brook students were sent a flyer this week with tips regarding digital safety and
     citizenship as part of Digital Citizenship Day on March 5, 2013. Flyers with tips for
     parents can continue to be sent home in the future.   

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