Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tool Seven

Students will identify the characteristics of mammals and identify the habits in which they live. (For example, camels-desert, whales-ocean,etc.)
I will implement this project in the Fall of the 2013-2014 school year.
I plan to use Blogger to creat a blog titled "Marvelous Mammals."  Student will use Google and BrainPop to research facts about specific mammals and the habitats in which they are able to survive, thrive, or barely stay alive.
This project will involve resource students from Cedar Brook Elementary and Hunter's Creek Elementary sharing information about assigned mammals and their habitats.  For example, one week the students from Cedar Brook will post information about a specific mammal, such as the key facts:  size, lifestyle, and related species.  Then the students from Hunter's Creek will add information about their habitat, behavior, and relationship to man. (If they are hunted, becoming endangered, etc.)   The following week students from Hunter's Creek would post the key facts while the Cedar Brook students would  add information about habitat, behavior, and man's relationship with the animal through the posting of comments.

Video clips of various mammals and pictures could also be embedded within the blog to make it very interesting.

Having worked at Hunter's Creek for one year I will ask Mrs. Kostelnik or Mrs. Scully, Resource Teachers at Hunter's Creek,  to allow their students to participate with us on this project.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea for a collaborative unit! A lot of times people try to make it too tech filled but this one the students will be successful, be researching and will be creating posts. Great idea! Don't forget the databases of PebbleGo and PowerKids Life Science. Both have great info about mammals & can be accessed from our district's library page.