Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tool Nine

1. Academic focus is curriculum driven.  Technology is meant to be a tool to help students access and
    work towards mastery of that curriculum.  Technology should be aligned with the TEKS that an
    educator is working on with their students. 

2.  Students should be held accountable at stations/centers so that they learn that the avtivities assigned are
    not games but an integral part of their learning.  If they are creating products, rubrics can be used for
    a type of grading system.  With interactive web sites a teacher can list the activities and have students
    place a check by the activity when completed.

3.  My current status as a resource teacher without my own classroom precludes me from setting up
    centers.  However, I can have one student working on an interactive web site such as Studyladder
    while I am administering a running record to another.  This would also work if I need to work with
    a student individually who is struggling with a particular objective.

4.  Even though my teaching situation is not set up for stations, I found the following apps which
     can be used on the iPad:  ABC Flash Cards, Studyladder, which can be used for a variety of
     academic subjects, Learning Games for Kids, and Ecosystems which introduces students to
     the eight major ecosystems around the globe. One of the most important apps for my students,
     who typically struggle with written language and spelling, will be Dragon Dictation.  This application
     will allow my students to produce stories without the struggle of getting the words on paper.  Dragon
     Dictation could also be used to answer questions about various topics.

5. I can also see my students videotaping themselves  reporting about topics.(With the correct
    form signed giving permission from parents for videotaping.) They can also take still pictures and use
    them as prompts for developing stories.


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  1. Great ideas for adapting it to your situation.