Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tool EIght

As a Resource Teacher, primarily involed in "inclusive" services I am entitled to one iPad to be shared by two resource teachers.  Mostly we assist students if they are having difficulty with any devices in their regular classroom.

After viewing information about the iPad I learned that I must set up and iTunes account tied to my Spring Branch email account.  I also learned that content from the iTunes store can be downloaded directly to my iPad due to the new iOS5 operating system.  Content can also be directly moved to my device thorough cloud based storage such as Dropbox or Box. 

Since I will only have the one device to work with my students my primary focus will be to see that my students have equal access to using the device.
For regular classroom teachers I have noticed that the assignment of certain students to be tech managers and help with the computers seems to be working very well.

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  1. I am hoping the district gets more devices for Sped, until then, feel free to check out some itouches or my one extra iPad if you need it.