Thursday, March 7, 2013

1.  My favorite tools are Google Docs; especially making surveys which you can then use to make
     graphs, etc.  I also enjoy blogging with other teachers so I am ready to let my students blog
     about important topics. Trading cards are a great way to get students to study different facts.
     I will have my students make wordles when we begin a new unit of study.  Also, I will show them
     how to make trading cards with different facts they need to remember.

2.  I now understand what is meant by a "flat classrroom."  The eleven tools course has opened my
     eyes to the many ways we can help students learn using the tools which they enjoy and are extremely
     comfortable with.  I want to continue to study the different tools and websites which I did not have
     time to thoroughly explore.  This course has helped me to want to learn more about how to use
     technology with my students to enhance their learning experience.

3.  The unexpected outcome for me has been overcoming fears that I am going to do something
     wrong on the computer that will mess everything up.  Now I realize that it is only by exploring that
     one can become comfortable with new ways of working.  I believe the students are so blessed
     to be attending school at a time when there are ways to learn which truly address many different
     styles of learning.  We as educators are also blessed to be a part of this global learning environment.!

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  1. I am so glad you found some tools that you think you might use with your students. I am even happier that you have overcome the fear that you are going to do something wrong (with your computer it was the computer - not a user error!). Exploratory learning is definitely the way to go! Keep exploring!!