Friday, February 15, 2013

VIDEOS (Copyright and Fair Use) and Dropbox

I found videos on YouTube to be very beneficial.  You can find videos on a variety of subjects from behavior to academics.  There are videos about how to implement reading intervention programs.  Right now at Cedar Brook Elementary we are involved in a book study called  The Daily Five.  I was able to find videos related to the techniques suggested in this book for helping students develop into independent readers with a love for reading and learning. I imbeded two of these videos as part of Tool # 3

Copyright and Fair Use

I really did not know very much about this area.  I learned that the following categories can be used by teachers and students:  Homegrown (things you make yourself), Public Domain (works that are shared with everyone), Creative Commons (Licensed up front for public use), and Fair Use (the use of copyrighted material without needed to pay for it.)


Dropbox is a way that teachers can save diferent types of files.  This can also be used as a way to leave assignments for students who are able to read well enough to understand what to do.  Students can also use Dropbox to write back to the teacher. If parent have Dropbox also, this would be a way to share some of the activities that their children have been participating in at school.

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  1. Great job getting started on your blog. I liked the videos you selected to upload. I hope that you continue to create your PLN especially with people outside of SBISD so you can be a worldexplorer of ideas!