Monday, February 11, 2013

Tool 2 - Blogging and comments

I feel that we as teachers should keep our mind alert by studying subjects we enjoy.  Therefore, I am posting the URL for Khan Academy which is  This site is wonderful for studying any subject from the French Revolution to Calculus.  Mr. Khan is a brilliant teacher who is able to take challenging subjects and present them in a way that makes them undauting.  All educators can learn from Mr. Khan's gift.  Also, the fact that he wants to continue to provide free access to these courses for anyone from around the globe with internet access is wonderful!

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  1. I enjoyed reading and commenting on the blogs of some of my colleagues. Reading the advice of Vicki Davis who started the Coolcatteacher blog was helpful. She points out the importance of writing meaningul comments. She also writes about the power of words. We can help or hurt by what we say. I want to be positive and courteous when commenting on the blogs of others.